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The problem: Popup ads.
                     The solution: Popup killer software.

A Popup killer is a software tool that is able to automatically detect and block Popups, leaving you free to surf the Web without disturbance.

In order to help you find a pop killer, all popup stopper listed in Popup-Busters.com can be downloaded for free and tried out at home.

How does Popup killer software work?
The first generation of Popup killers required users to provide them with a list of sites to block. All pages sent from these servers were automatically blocked. Since then, Popup killers have become more intelligent. By observing the communication between a Web page and a Web server, they can detect when a Popup window is invoked by a Web page, and close it immediately. But they are usually smart enough to know that when you click on a link pre-programmed to open in a new window, or use the 'Open in a new window´┐Ż' contextual command, it is because you truly want to do so. Therefore they allow these pages to open, but are ruthless with the ads.
A second level of protection is included with 'block' and 'allow' lists that override the Popup identification system if you require special treatment to be given to a particular site. But generally the software is already fully operational and requires little or no fine-tuning.

The ideal Popup killer will block all the advertising Popups but still allow links to be opened in a new browser window. It will be lightweight and unobtrusive, but will provide comprehensive information about the tasks that it has performed and contain sufficient options for personalization.
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