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Popup Killer Laboratory: PopUp Sweeper
PopUp Sweeper
Overall Rating
Closes Popups launched by Web site 4/4
Blocks Popups from adware 0/4
Kills Flash ads 0/4
Open links in new browser window 4/4
Easy to configure 4/4
Personalizable include/exclude lists 0/4
Information on tasks performed 0/4
Privacy protection features 0/4
Easy to remove 3/4

Highlights: Couldn't be simpler to use - the absence of options means that you just need to install the software and let it work!

Lowlights: No information about what PopUp Sweeper is doing. No defense against ad-serving applications like Gator

Popup Busters say:

No one could accuse PopUp Sweeper of being flashy or intrusive. It just settles down in the system tray and gets to work squasing Popups. You don't really know what it's up to - it certainly doesn't tell you - but you'll quickly notice the total absence of Popup windows. On the other hand, ad-serving software such as Gator and Flash ads don't seem to be dealt with in the current version. For people that want a no-nonsense, low maintenance tool to get on with the job of killing ads.

Operating systems:
File size: 710 Ko
Price: $29.95

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