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Popup Killer Laboratory: AntiPopUp for IE
AntiPopUp for IE
AntiPopUp for IE
Overall Rating
Closes Popups launched by Web site 4/4
Blocks Popups from adware 3/4
Kills Flash ads 0/4
Open links in new browser window 4/4
Easy to configure 2/4
Personalizable include/exclude lists 3/4
Information on tasks performed 3/4
Privacy protection features 4/4
Easy to remove 3/4

Highlights: The information about what ads AntiPopUp has blocked, including the URL of referring sites and the destination URL of the ads

Lowlights: It is necessary to check the 'Auto Start' option for AntiPopUp to run automatically. Out of its depth with floating Flash ads.

Popup Busters say:

AntiPopUp for IE is an ideal mid-range tool. Easy to set up, tough on Popups, it provides just enough information to let you see what a good job it is doing, without making your head spin in a whirl of options. The small file size and low price make it a good choice in the war against Popups.

Operating systems:
File size: 500 Ko
Price: $19.95

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