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Popup Killer Laboratory: PopUpCop
Overall Rating
Closes Popups launched by Web site 4/4
Blocks Popups from adware 1/4
Kills Flash ads 4/4
Open links in new browser window 4/4
Easy to configure 3/4
Personalizable include/exclude lists 4/4
Information on tasks performed 4/4
Privacy protection features 4/4
Easy to remove 4/4

Highlights: Identifies 17 different types of nuisances, that you can deal with individually or collectively. Highly configurable.

Lowlights: Can appear rather over-complicated.

Popup Busters say:

Popup Cop has an astonishing range of configurable options, dealing with almost every nuisance known to Net surfers across the world. You can create your own personalized patterns of what should be allowed and what should be blocked, encompassing Popup ads, scripts, ActiveX controls, Flash animations, fake warning messages, etc. It is ideal for people that like playing around with settings of their software.

Operating systems:
File size: 500 Ko
Price: $19.95

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