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Popup Killer Laboratory: Popup Dummy
PopUp Dummy
Popup Dummy
Overall Rating
Closes Popups launched by Web site 4/4
Blocks Popups from adware 4/4
Kills Flash ads 4/4
Open links in new browser window 2/4
Easy to configure 3/4
Personalizable include/exclude lists 2/4
Information on tasks performed 2/4
Privacy protection features 1/4
Easy to remove 3/4

Highlights: Keeps ad-serving server like Gator under close control

Lowlights: Has a rather rudimentary user interface. User is only able to open a link in a new window when holding down the CTRL key, or when the 'Allow manual popups' option has been checked.

Popup Busters say:

PopUp Dummy gets very high marks for its ad-crushing capabilities - it swallowed up Gator ads with no problem, and made short work of Web-based Popup and Flash ads. It is a shame that the default option does not allow you to directly open links in a new browser window - something that could put off novice users. But a quick dip into the simple configuration panel, and PopUp Dummy finds the right balance between killing ads and letting you surf normally again.

Operating systems:
File size: 750 Ko
Price: $29.95

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